How to Incorporate a Modern Ceiling Fan into an Outdoor Space

Outdoor ceiling fans are considered a practical way to cool off any outdoor space since the 1900s. This is particularly the case when you are in the South where they are bent on beating the summer heat. These days, porch ceiling fans are a marvelous way to stir up a breeze, add a bit of light and contribute to a stylish decor. Introducing movement into the motionless air, a modern fan is seen as energy-efficient to ensure cooler summers.

Let’s consider a couple of tips on how to set up a functional A/C into your outdoor porch or room.

Air Conditioners are all about stirring up a bit of circulation to make your porch feel as if it’s around 8-degrees cooler. Drop in temperatures ensure outdoor lounging is much more enjoyable during summer times.

You may want to place your ceiling fans about 16-feet apart on the porch area to allow for enough airflow that would boost your cooling potential.

Modern ceiling fans can be found in all kind of styles and materials that will complement any outdoor decor. Besides, natural materials seem to hold up quite well in all types of weather and easily matches different surroundings.

With a white ceiling, you may just use a white fan as it blends in beautifully with the ceiling to present one with an unobtrusive way to cool your outdoor space.

You can make your outside area appear just as stylish as your interiors by utilizing an industrial metal ceiling fan.

No doubt, air flow systems are an excellent way to add more light and excitement to your porch. The best way to provide adequate illumination is by using a central diffusing light. The larger it is, the softer your light would be.

Ceiling fan lights will not in any way provide the same amount of light as pendant lights would. When you plan your outdoor scheme, you need to bear this in mind. Yet, another element that is useful for your ceiling fan is a glass cluster as it generally offers way more light than a diffuser. However, the multiple light canisters that come from the fan can result in a glare.

It is considered an excellent idea to incorporate a glimmer with fans that feature glass clusters.

Uplights are a new feature that is being used in fan lighting as it creates a pool of light that faces up towards the ceiling. Uplit fans tend to function well when they are paired with lanterns or can light to generate brighter light. They do well on their own too within spaces where minimal light is needed.

Have you heard of modern style ceiling fans that have blades inside the fixture to ensure the airflow does not move out?

Be sure to check out the EnergyStar ratings of your ceiling fan as some of these are way more efficient in moving air than other fans. This means that less electricity is needed and it ensures better air circulation overall due to lower speeds.

Another homeowner thinks that industrial ceiling fans that are manufactured using stainless steel or aluminum blades would be perfect for use in a porch. For indoor use, you may want to opt for brass style  fans that feature wooden blades and cane inserts.

Just as a side note for those of you who favor porch life. There is a way to prevent the bugs from interfering with your favorite teatime. One way to get rid of them is to make use of a blue ceiling as the bugs would get confused and think the porch ceiling is actually the sky.

Another handy way is to set up bat houses, that is to say, if you can stand the sight of them. They are very good at getting rid of all bugs by feasting on them.

Set up a couple of bird feeders to attract the birds to your porch area as they love feasting on bugs too.

If things are nasty, you can opt for screened in porches. If you happen to damage any screen, then you may just replace it. One gets high-tech options where you can screen when there is a need and unscreen when there is no need. Last, but not least, ensure you get rid of still water in your yard. Do what you can to get it moving.