Exploring Idaho’s Heritage via Rogue River Rafting

The Main Rogue River winds its way through more than two million acres of the fabulous River of No Return Wilderness within Central Idaho. This river serves as a corridor to exceptional beauty, calm river pools, various traces of American history, and white sand beaches. What more can a person want? Oregon Rogue River Rafting, Kayak Trips & Excursions would be nice!

Once you fully engage in rafting the Rogue River, you will find yourself immersed in a historical time machine with daily glimpses of America’s past. You are likely to come across Indian pictographs as recorded by the great Canyon’s earliest travelers. Then there is the homesteads and a few abandoned mines.

Another timely reminder of olden day folks would be the old log cabins that reveal the hardships faced by our ancestors.

Why not come and share the experience of a lifetime, accompanied by skilled river guides who happen to specialize in the natural and human history of the Rogue River Canyon.

Spring Trips During April and May

Said to be the best part of the year to experience the annual rebirth of the Rogue River Canyon would be during Spring. You will find that wildlife is a lot closer to the river, the grass is greener, and trees shoot our new leaves. Then there is the amazing migratory bird life that you would not normally find during other times of the year. No wonder rafters love jumping on board various rafting boats during April and May.

April is after all springtime on the Rogue. However, the peak of spring cannot always be predicted with one hundred percent accuracy as it may either arrive early or later on. The other thing is that temperatures may range from the low forties during nighttime to the high eighties in the daytime.

No doubt, participation on a river trip during April necessitate and adventurous spirit, not due to the rapids, but because of the weather that one can never be quite sure of. It may be cooler or warmer weather at any given time.

Uncertain conditions during springtime prompt the excursion companies to arrange lodging at night. Doing so makes it more bearable as the thought of having a hot shower and warm bed at the end of the day is very comforting.

Besides the prospect of varied spring conditions, other reasons such as the ability to experience a bit of solitude make that April is a good time to engage in river rafting activities. It is rare to find another river trip party on the river during this time. Also, the nightly stays at some of the rustic lodges and guest ranches offer and opportunity to meet some folks who live and work over here. They are self-reliant, independent as well as gracious hosts who demonstrate similar characteristics to the nation’s populace. Making new friends is a lot easier.

Rafting trips during Spring are not just limited to adults, but due to various school schedules, you will not easily find kids around during April. Because of this, most of the river trips require only one sweep boat to accommodate both participants and their gear.

Another huge plus this time of the year is that the water temperature is cold, which allows people to enjoy the spray skirts, letting them have binoculars and cameras at hand to view exciting wildlife.

Once sufficient booking has been made, the surrounding outfitters would add a paddle boat for those wishing to have a part in the navigation of the Rogue River.  They are allowed to transfer between the sweep boat and paddle as their mood dictates for as long as sufficient paddler are remaining to move the paddle raft around.

Rubber duckies or inflatable kayaks are not recommended during this season unless participants already have their own dry or wetsuit.

Because the Forest Service does not mandate or control river rafting trip schedules during April, the departure dates would change every year. Your departure date would be set for a Friday so participants may take advantage of reduced airfares made available during weekend stays.

Look forward to an all-inclusive Rogue River rafting trip package that makes provision for transportation and other amenities.